Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program, 2011

Argentina: A Cultural Crossroads

The following curriculum units were developed by elementary educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Argentina. Target subjects and grade levels vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in Adobe PDF format.

Becca Allen

Translating Identity (Social Studies; Grades 4-6)

Kyra Brogden

Creating Culture through Food: A Study of Traditional Argentine Foods (Social Studies, Writing and Language; Grades 1-3)

Angelin Donohue

We are Here!: How Small Journeys Reveal Culture (Social Studies, Language Arts, ESOL; Grades K-2)

Sandra Freeman

Yours, Mine and Ours: A Comparative Study of the Cultures of the United States and Argentina (Gifted Education, Social Studies; Grades 4-6)

Erika Irlbeck

Convivencia/Living Together: Exploring the Impact of Immigration on Traditional and Modern-Day Argentina (World History, World Geography; Grades 6-8)

Jeffra Kill

A Student's Life in Argentina (Spanish; Grades 3-5)

Erin Lien

Exploring Cultural Identity: Argentina's and My Own (Language Arts; Grade 6)

Brenda Lindgren

The Culture of Argentina (Social Studies; Grade 1)

Mary McCartney

Alla Argentina: "In the Style of Argentina" (Music Education; Grades K-5)

Deborah Nicholson

Argentina's Amazing Animals and Their Habitats (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies; Grade 2)

Stacy Nordquist

Querido Amigo: An Exchange of Culture and Friendship between Argentina and the United States (Spanish; Grades 6-8)

Heather Randolph

Argentina and California, USA: A Comparative Learning Adventure (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Physical Education; Grades 3-5)

Corinne Rucker

Una Tierra: Caring for the Earth in Argentina and the U.S. (World Cultures; Grade 4)

Eileen Scotto

Stepping and Twirling Your Way into Argentine Culture: An In-Depth Exploration of the Folk Dance Traditions of Northern Argentina (Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Music, Dance; Grade 3)

Jake Sproull

Food Tradition and Culture in Argentina (Social Studies; Grade 6)

Sarah Willis

Let's Go to Argentina /¡Vámonos a Argentina! (Spanish; Grades 1-3)