Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program 2004

Study Seminar and Curriculum Development Project in Brazil

The following curriculum units were developed by educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Salvador, Brazil. The seminar focused on an introduction to Brazilian history and culture and the curriculum projects range in topics based on participant interests. Target subjects and grade levels, noted after unit titles, vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Robyn Attebury

Brazil Unit (English, Language Arts; Middle School)

  • Brazil Unit: Days 1-5 [pdf - 3.7MB]

Kristin Carrera

Exploring Fused Identity in Brazilian Culture: Points of Contact (World Cultures; Middle School)

  • Exploring Fused Identity [pdf - 1.4MB]
  • Artifacts [pdf - 1.4MB]
  • Photos [pdf - 2.8MB]
  • Geographic Regions [ppt - 393KB]

Marsha Cobb

  • Brazil: Our Cousin, Elementary Lessons on Brazil (Grades 1-5) [pdf - 4.4MB]

Berta Galán

  • Viajemos A Mexico y Brasil (Spanish, adaptable to History; High School) [pdf - 2.1MB]

Brenda Guevara

  • Unit of Study on Candomblé (Language Arts, World Cultures, History; Middle School) [pdf - 1.2MB]

David Matthews

  • Dear Oprah (World Cultures; Middle School) [pdf - 898MB]

Jess Meyer

Brazil Lessons (World History; High School)

  • Brazil Lessons [pdf - 836KB]
  • Brazil [ppt - 5.6MB]
  • Growth of Neighborhood [ppt - 765KB]
  • Urban Problems [ppt - 19.1MB]

Gary Murphey

  • Brazil Unit, (World History; High School) [pdf - 150KB]

Melanie Schulze

Brazil's Changing Capitals: A Lesson in Site and Situation (World Geography; High School)

  • Changing Capitals [pdf - 4.9MB]
  • Transparencies [pdf - 920KB]

Anna Thompson

  • Brazil: The Land of Happiness (World Cultures, World Geography; Middle School) [pdf - 219KB]