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It is a wonder that during the early 1970´s when plumbing work was being done at the National Palace, that the plumbers would come across some pre-hispanic artifacts buried under meters of street. Alarmed by what they found, the plumbers contacted the National Anthropological Museum to look at the artifacts discovered. What was found was unbelievable! We had the fortune to see this archeological masterpiece and also had the fortune of having the head archaeologist of the project, Dr. Eduardo Matus, as our guide. He opened our eyes in describing that this found temple was the main area as the center of Tenochtitlan - the capital of Mexico during pre-hispanic times. To see that this temple was only discovered in the 1970´s is beyond belief. I cannot do justice to the explanation of what I found here, but I did buy a book to show everyone...







The temple was found to have 7 levels. During the time of the Aztecs, once the pyramids showed some deterioration, they would build another level on top of the current pyramid. These artifacts (replicas of course) were found in the 4th level of the temple.

I liked this particular picture because I have always been fascinated by the unification of pre-hispanic religious beliefs and modern Catholic beliefs. In this picture, you will find the remains of the death center of the pyramid. Interesting how this view point also includes the cathedral of Mexico City as well. In almost all regions of Mexico, you will see this duality presented together. Makes me wonder...

Well, I do not have to wonder anymore...it is now going to be your task to learn and research all you can about how the Templo Mayor was destroyed and rediscovered, how it has come to be the showplace it is today, and research the artifacts and significance of these artifacts found within the walls of this temple.

I am planning to take an excursion to Mexico City once again with a few students and would like to learn more about this magnificent part of Mexico's past.  It is up to you to find a tour guide suitable for the needs of this trip.  I am trying to find information regarding the symbolism of the artifacts found within the walls of Templo Mayor; I am trying to find the details of the inspiration for Hernan Cortes "Letters from Mexico"; and I am trying to find the history of an empire lost to genocide.

The Task

As a leader you are naturally equipped to begin your search for a knowledgeable "tour guide" to help you teacher and her students quest to find answers about a mysterious past. While in search of a tour guide, do not forget that your challenge is not easy;  be careful to research and choose wisely when finding the right information to help fit the needs of your assignment.  .    








The Process

Below are some instructions to help aid you in your quest:



You will be graded upon following the criteria stated below.  Keep in mind that quality is of key importance.














Background contains list with no elaboration.

Background contains primary elements (elaboration needed).

Background is efficient and organized.

Background is extensive and descriptive.


Special Skills



Skills are listed with no elaboration.

Skills contain primary elements (elaboration needed).

Skills are efficient and organized.

Skills are extensive and descriptive.





Not listed.

Recommendations (1)




Requirement fulfilled




Education is  listed with no elaboration.

Education contains primary elements (elaboration needed).

Education is efficient and organized.

Education is extensive and descriptive.


Overall Resume

Paper is unacceptable.  Did not follow the guidelines given in the Web Quest.

Signs of research are apparent.  Did not satisfy all requirements of the Web Quest.

Research evident.  Product is clear and concise.  Some creative elements involved.

Extensive research evident.  Product is clear, concise, and organized.  Creative elements are shown throughout final product.


Miss Rodriguez and her students thank you in your quest to find the best tour guide possible.  We will keep you in mind while we are visiting Mexico City with the tour guide you have recommended.  We will send you a postcard!  

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