Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program in Brazil 2007

Learning and the Land: How Sustainable Development Can Build a Strong Educational Foundation

The following curriculum units were developed by educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Brazil. Target subjects and grade levels vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in Adobe PDF format.

Laura Amrhein

Art and the Environment (Syllabus and Resources, Post-Secondary)

Karen Barton

Geography of South America (Syllabus and Case Study, Post-Secondary)

Paul Brissette

Carnival around the World (Multi-disciplinary Event, High School)

Elizabeth Elsas

Language Arts Curriculum Project (High School)

Ann Griffiths

Sustainable Development in Brazil (Portuguese Heritage Classes; Middle and High School)

Ellen Kintz

Ethnography and Gender in Latin America: The Case of Brazil (Syllabus, Post-Secondary)

Peter Lavigne

Sustainable Development in Brazil (Syllabus and Case Study Guidelines, Post-Secondary)

Dawna Linsdell

Brazil Final Project (Economics, High School)

Jennifer Mayer

Curriculum Plan (Foreign Languagues, High School)

James Page

Can Starbucks Deliver It All? Fair Trade, Sustainable Development, and Customer Service (Economics/Business, High School)

Sonja Schmidt

Brazil: A Case for NGOs or The Impact of the Citizen Sector (Social Studies, High School)

Lisa Schrenk

Pilotis and Sunshades: The Influence of Le Corbusier on Modern Architecture in Brazil (Essay and Resources, Post-Secondary)

Mark Shadle

A Pororoca of Desire: Genesis, Colonization, Projection, Connection and Sustainability in the Brazilian Amazon (Multi-Writing, Post-Secondary)

Robert Tatum

Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon: A Tale of Two Community-Based Organizations (Essay, Post-Secondary)

Linda Yaron

The Quest for Treasure (English/Language Arts, High School)