Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program 2008

In the Footsteps of the Mayan and Inca Peoples: The Indigenous Inheritance of Mexico and Peru

The following curriculum units were developed by educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Mexico and Peru. Target subjects and grade levels vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in Adobe PDF format.

Amber Bechard

Exploring Other Cultures as a Means of Strengthening Our Own (Language Arts and Social Studies; Middle School)

Brenda Betz-Stoltz

Exploring Geography and Cultural Roles in Mexico (Social Studies and English; Middle School, Grades 6-8)

Carol Bolon

The Mystery of the Ancient Designs on the Desert in Peru: A Children's Book (English as a Second Language; High School, Grades 9-11)

Lianne Burnson

Maya: Lords of the Earth (Core Subjects; Elementary School, Grades K-5)

Antoinette Byam

Maya Curriculum Unit (Social Studies; Middle School, Grades 5-8)

Shauna Carey

Mexico and Peru: Tradition in Cloth and Clay (Art; Grade 5)

Maryann Foster

Peruvian and Mexican Folk Arts (Art, Humanities, with Social Studies connections; Middle School, Grades 6-8)

Jody Geitz

Water: Playing a Major Role in the Development and Demise of Civilizations (Integrated Social Studies and Science unit; Elementary School, Grades 4-6)

Diane Glover

Maya and Inca Unit Supplement (Reading, English, Music, Art, Culinary Arts; Grades 5-6)

Gail Greenberg

A Tapestry of Mexico and Peru through Multicultural Children's Literature (Library Media, Language Arts, Social Studies; Elementary School, Grades 3-5)

Lori Riehl

Where Did the Maya Go? The Evolution of Maya Culture (Social Studies, with Language Arts connections; Middle School, Grade 7)

Galina Tchourilova

Who Is the Greatest? The Maya and Inca Empires (Social Studies, World History; Middle and High School)

Emily Van Wey

Las voces de los adolescentes: México, Perú, EEUU (Spanish 3; High School)

Alisa Warshay

Mexico and Peru: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Spanish 3 and above, can be adapted for Social Studies; High School)

Kimberly Young

Complicating Conquest (World History; High School, Grades 9-12)