Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program 2011
Mexico in the XXIst Century: Dealing with Social and Cultural Diversity

The following curriculum units were developed by educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Mexico. Target subjects and grade levels vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in Adobe PDF format.

Trina Bryant

When Worlds Collide: Life before Columbus and European Expansion (U.S. History; Grade 10)

Linda Burke

Population Patterns: Migrating to Mexico's Misery Belts (World History; Grade 10)

Heather Curry

The Spanish Conquest of Mexico: History and Legacy (World History; Grade 10)

Lisa DiFilippo

Who Am I? Understanding Our Individual Identities in North America through the Visual Arts (Visual Arts; Grades 9-12)

Susan Elliott

Defining Heroes and Villains: The Legacy of Hernando Cortes and the Spanish Conquest of Mexico (Advanced Placement U.S., World, and European History; High School)

Elaine Griffin

Reading "Enrique's Journey": A Study of Migration and Mexico (English; Grades 11-12)

Kate Harris

Know Your Neighbor: Building Mexican Perspectives into American History (U.S. History; Grade 11)

Monica Hynds

Geography Inquiry (Geography; Grade 8)

Kim Jackson

Using Art and Artisans' Work of Mexico to Teach the Spanish Language: An Exercise in Creativity (Spanish 1, 2, and 3; Grades 9-12)

Lynn Janik

¡Vamos a Celebrar! (Spanish 1; Grades 7-9)

Jennifer Jervis

Tree of Life-Personal Narrative Sculpture (Art, Ceramics; Grades 9-12)

Susan Phillips

What's Their Story? Understanding Mexico's Culture through Narrative (English, Language Arts; Grades 6-8)

Anne Marie Plante

Imaging Culture and Identity (AP Spanish; Grades 11-12)

Stephanie Rollag

Perceiving Mexico (English Language Arts; Grades 7-8)

Christina Sylvester

Un Viaje por Oaxaca/A Trip through Oaxaca (Spanish 1; Grade 7)

Christina West

Mexico behind the Headlines: Its Past, Its Places and Its People (Spanish 2 & 3; Grades 9-12)