Hemisphere Initiatives has monitored the peace processes and democratic transitions in Central America since 1989.

We have produced over twenty publications that analyze various stages and themes of these processes. A dozen focus on El Salvador and six on Nicaragua. We have issued two comprehensive reports on Guatemala since the 1996 peace accords. One report looks at Honduras in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch.

In November 2004 a longer report compares the peace and transition processes in the three countries.

The authors of these publications are research journalists and scholars who have been studying and/or living in Central America for the better part of two decades.

The reports attempt to reveal the perspectives of representative political actors in each country, but have their own analytic point of view.

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The most recent publications, since 1995, are available on this web site in pdf or html format.

For hard copies please contact Jack Spence, President of Hemisphere Initiatives.

Please direct all email messages to Jack Spence, or write to:

Hemisphere Initiatives, c/o Jack Spence, 37 Gorham Avenue, Brookline, MA 02445
phone (617)232-8188


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