1995 Southern Labor Studies Conference

"Labor and Free Trade: Abstracts of Selected Papers from the IX Southern Labor Studies Conference, 1995"

The IX Southern Labor Studies Conference was held at the University of Texas at Austin from 26 October through 29 October 1995. The theme of this meeting was "Labor Before and After Free Trade," highlighting Texas and the Southern United States as the crossroads of the Americas for African, Anglo, and Hispanic American workers. Ray Marshall, the former US secretary of labor, delivered the keynote address on "The Role of Unions in the Global Economy."

The academic program for this event involved historians, sociologists, economists, anthropologists, and political scientists who exchanged papers and views on the topic. Participants came from Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, and the United States.

Labor leaders also attended and represented the views of working people. Subjects of papers included gender, migration, rural workers, and industrial labor especially in comparative perspective.

The organizer of the conference was Jonathan Brown, Institute of Latin American Studies, The University of Texas, Austin, TX. 78712.

Selected Papers

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