TILAN is a resource center that seeks to document trends regarding expansion of the Internet throughout the countries of Latin America. The project is an initiative of the University of Texas' Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC. TILAN's primary aim is to provide access to statistical data, information, and analysis to those interested in the Latin American Internet.

The TILAN Web Site contains four primary sections:

  1. Research Reports contains the full text of research reports and articles. Some of the reports have been authored by TILAN staff, while others are written outside and hosted on LANIC.
  2. Statistics houses a set of tables containing data on a variety of indicators typically sought by individuals interested in Internet growth in Latin America.
  3. Countries includes one-page summaries of basic networking statistics and key resources for further information for each Latin American country.
  4. Resources is a subject directory of links to related resources throughout the Web.

We hope you find the information on this site useful.