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Basic Statistics, 2001-2002
Population 11,400,000
Rural pop. (% of total pop.), 1999 60.52
GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity, PPP) (US$) 3,784
Global Competitiveness Index Ranking (2001-02) 66
UNDP Human Dvlpmnt. Index Ranking (2001, adjusted to GITR* sample) 70
Main telephone lines/100 inhabitants 5.70
Telephone faults/100 main telephone lines 45.20
Internet hosts/10,000 inhabitants 4.92
Personal Computers/100 inhabitants 0.97
Piracy rate (%) 77.00
% PCs connected to Internet 1.61
Internet users per host 36.68
Internet users/100 inhabitants 0.59
Cell phone subscribers/100 inhabitants 3.04
Avg. mnthly. cost/20 hrs. of Internet access (US$) 20.00

* Global Information Technology Report

Source: Center for International Development at Harvard University

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