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The International Trade Information System (It-Is) is available for public access with support from the Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade (CSWHT), a consortium of the Texas A&M University System and the University of Texas System.

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At the login prompt, type "bulk1" as your login and "tradeinfo" as your password.

It-Is Overview

It-Is is a computer software system designed to extract and report data pertaining to international trade in a wide range of product categories. It-Is employs United Nations Trade Statistics to provide fast, timely import/export information that can be useful to researchers, businesses, and export promotion agencies. Information is available for 42 of the world's largest trading nations. These nations' trade with all other nations can be assessed for more than 1200 SITC product categories at varying levels of specificity.

User Instructions

  • Press "Enter" to begin data request or 'q' to go directly to the main It-Is menu.
  • Define your task with the menu. You can define the parameters of the data request you wish to make. At any of the panels you can type 'q' to return to the main It-Is menu.

    Available Options, Menus, and Panels

  • A. Available Data: Displays a list of reporting countries by year, indicating which trade data are available.
  • C. Country Trade Analysis: Submits a data request for a particular country's trade, either in a specific product category or for the top products traded.
  • P. Product Trade Analysis: Submits a data request pertaining to the trade of a particular SITC product category.
  • Q. Quits It-Is and returns to the main menu.
  • Reporting Countries menu: Selects the reporting country or countries of interest.
  • Select Imports or Exports panel: Choose "Select Product" to evaluate trade in a particular product code, or "Top Products" to evaluate the top products traded by the selected country.
  • Select Commodity menu: Type the SITC code or press "Enter" to use the menu
  • Trading Partner Options Panel: Request either the top or selected trading partners
  • Trading Partners Panel: Select up to five trading partners for the reporting country of interest.
  • Select Year Panel: Specify the year to be used for analysis.
  • SITC Classification Level Panel: Select the SITC commodity classification level (1-4).
  • Trading Market Options Panel: Request either top or selected trading partners.
  • Country Options Panel: Request either top or selected reporting countries.
  • Select Currency Panel: Specify the currency to be used for trade values.
  • Verify Request Panel: Press "Enter" to submit request, "n" to quit without submitting the request and return to the main menu.

    Viewing the Results

  • Request results will be displayed on 1-6 screens, depending on the request. When viewing the results, you can press "Enter" to see the next screen or "q" to return to the main It-Is Menu.

    Main It-Is Menu

    From the main It-Is menu you can submit a new request, view the results of requests submitted earlier in the session, e-mail results to an Internet e-mail address, perform a number of user functions, or exit It-Is.
  • C. Redisplays report with alternate Currency. You may select an alternate currency in which to display the last report viewed.
  • E. Sends results to your Internet E-mail address. This can also be done through the "O" option, below.
  • F. Provide user Feedback. Send a message or a question to the It-Is administrators. Type your message, and when you are done, type a period (".") alone on a line. This will send the message. Otherwise, type "q" alone on a line to return to the previous menu, without sending.
  • I. Submits a new trade information request.
  • M. More detail. You will be prompted for a request number, and provided with a complete description of the specified request.
  • O. Access Other reports generated this session. You may view, obtain more detail about, or e-mail any or all requests submitted in this session.
  • R. Redisplays the current report. You may view the last report viewed again, on-screen.
  • U. Perform User functions. You may send messages to the It-Is administrators with this function.
  • ?. Help. User help contains brief explanations of the main It-Is menu options.
  • #. View report. You may type the number of the report you wish to view. This report becomes the current report.
  • Q. Quit. Quits the It-Is system and logs out.
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