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Trusted Internet portal for Latin American Studies content since 1992


The Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) is part of the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) and the Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2011, LANIC has also been a part of the University of Texas Libraries as one of the initiatives that is under the LLILAS Benson Collaboration.

LANIC's mission is to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. Our target audience includes people living in Latin America, as well as those around the world who have an interest in this region. While many of our resources are designed to facilitate research and academic endeavors, our site has also become an important gateway to Latin America for primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region.

LANIC's editorially reviewed directories contain over 10,000 unique URLs, one of the largest guides for Latin American content on the Internet. As of the Fall semester 2015, the average number of clicks from Google search results that landed on LANIC pages was 3,239 per day. Based on data provided by Google, as of October 2015 there were over 500,000 inbound links to pages on LANIC from Web Sites around the world. Additionally, LANIC hosts large amounts of content from or about Latin America: as of October 2015, Google's search index contained over 39,000 URLs for content that lives on the LANIC Web site.

Our Gopher server, launched in 1992, was the first such information service for Latin America on the Internet, as was our Web Site, which has been in continuous service since 1994.

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