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Warsaw PAP in English 2333 GMT 25 Apr 73 L

[Text] PAP Havana 25 April--The Polish state-party delegation led by
Professor Henryk Jablonski, the president of the Council of State, is
continuing its visit to Cuba.

The delegation, invited by Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticos and the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, had arrived here on Tuesday. On
the same day, the Polish minister of foreign affairs, Stefan Olszowski,
started talks with Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa.

In the evening of the first day of the visit, Professor Henryk Jablonski
was decorated with the Jose Marti Order, and the first secretary of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Premier Fidel Castro, and
President Dorticos received the Great Crosses of the Polonia Restituta

Decorating H. Jablonski, President Dorticos stressed that the Jose Marti
Order, established by the Cuban Revolutionary Government, is awarded to
heads of state, heads of government and political party leaders who
distinguish themselves by their internationalist solidarity in the struggle
against imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism and by their friendly
attitude towards the Cuban socialist revolution. In accordance with these
principles, the Council of Ministers of Cuba has conferred this high
decoration upon Henryk Jablonski, the president of the Council of State of
the Polish People's Republic, a relentless revolutionary hero who has been
fighting indefatiguably for the cause of socialism and the internationalist
solidarity of nations.

The speaker emphasized Professor Jablonski's participation in the struggle
of the Polish nation against fascism and his contribution towards the
building of socialism in Poland.

Thanking for the distinction, Professor Henryk Jablonski stressed that he
regarded it as a symbol of the cordial friendship linking our nations, of
the friendship between the Polish United Workers Party and the Communist
Party of Cuba, between socialist Poland and socialist Cuba.

Our countries and our nations are linked by cordial friendship and
cooperation under entirely different social conditions. We are linked by
the ideals of Marxism-Leninism, by the struggle for an unrestrained
development of all nations, for just peace, for constant social progress,
for socialism.

In the name of these common ideals, this brotherly friendly and
cooperation, said Professor Jablonski in conclusion, I have the honour, on
behalf of the Council of State of the Polish People's Republic, to confer
upon you, dear Comrade Fidel Castro and dear Comrade Osvaldo Dorticos, the
highest decoration which People's Poland can offer to you, the Great Cross
of the Polonia Restituta Order.

Thanking for the decoration he had received, Fidel Castro said that the
Polish and Cuban nations, united by the struggle, patriotism, gallantry and
the blood shed on the battlefields, are also today marching along a common
road towards socialism, with the socialist community, at the side of the
Soviet Union. All this, he added, creates a basis for strengthening the
relations between our nation and for the further consolidation of the bonds
of friendship and fraternity.

Fidel Castro expressed the conviction that the visit of the Polish
state-party delegation would make a significant contribution towards
strengthening these bonds.

Late in the evening, the Cuban side entertained the Polish delegation to a
dinner party, attended, among others, by Fidel Castro, Osvaldo Dorticos and
Raul Castro.

In the morning of the second day of his Cuban visit, Professor Henryk
Jablonski, accompanied by the remaining members of the delegation, laid a
wreath at the monument to Jose Marti, the Cuban national hero, in the
Revolution Square in Havana.

Official Polish-Cuban talks started later on that day. The participants
included, on the Polish side, Henryk Jablonski,Stefan Olszowski, Wojciech
Jaruzelski and other members of the Polish delegation.

The Cuban side was represented by Osvaldo Dorticos, Raul Castro and other

According to information obtained by PAP, the talks were marked by a
cordial and informal atmosphere. Information was exchanged on topical
problems relating to socialist building in the two countries. The sides
reviewed the development of their mutual relations, stressing that,
particularly in the recent period, they had considerably been expanded in
all the fields of inter-state and inter-party cooperation.

Great attention was paid to the development of economic, scientific and
cultural collaboration. It was noted that the results achieved so far
created the basis for a further dynamic development of cooperation, to the
benefit of both countries.

The participants in the talks stressed the need of drafting concrete plans
of cooperation in all the fields mentioned above, with a view to ensuring a
further expansion of the relations between the two countries in a more
distant perspective.

Also discussed were topical international issues with particular emphasis
on the problems of the European and Latin American region.

Stefan Olszowski and Raul [Roa], the ministers of foreign affairs of the
two countries, held talks on the same day, while W. Jaruzelski met with his
Cuban counterpart Raul Castro.