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Mexican Presidential Messages

List of Mexican Presidents
Gustavo Díaz Ordaz1964-1970
Luis Echeverría1970-1976
José López Portillo1976-1982
Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado1982-1988
Carlos Salinas de Gortari1988-1994
Los Presidentes de México ante la Nación1821-1966

The Mexican volumes represent the best copy available. Some of the material exhibits heavily faded text throughout the volume. While high quality microfilming has optimized the amount of information captured, unfortunately not all text is legible in the original. Those volumes which have faded text throughout are marked by an asterisk (*). Other volumes may have minor fading or damaged pages. Pages which are missing will be noted at that page. These scans represent the best quality given the original material.

Printing Mexican Material
Many Mexican reports are large-sized (about 13" x 8.5"or 21.5 x 33 cm). Although most of the type is readable onscreen, some of the very smallest type may not be legible. Always download the TIFF for printing. For the ledger pages set your printer to landscape format, use legal-sized paper if possible and allow for very small margins (1/4" or .5 cm all sides). Many graphics programs have a "fit to page" option which can be chosen.

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