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About This Collection

These digital images of Mexican and Argentine presidential speeches from the 19th century represent the second phase of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project. The project's overall goals are to broaden the array of Latin Americanist resources available to students and scholars, to restructure access to these collection on a comprehensive scale and to assist libraries in containing costs.

In phase two over 75,000 frames of microfilmed Spanish-language government documents were converted to digital format. The Library of Congress has filmed Argentine presidential messages, while the Mexican material has been filmed by Preservation Resources. The following pages will allow you to view GIF files of the scanned images as well as download larger TIFF files for printing or to view with a TIFF viewer.

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Downloading Files

Currently, there are over 75,000 image files on display, 23,380 images of all of the Argentine material and 51,686 image files of Mexican material. From each originally scanned page, two images have been created. The original scans are 300 dpi TIFFs, and are generally 75-100K with CCITT Group 4 compression. The uncompressed size of each page is approximately 600K. The GIF versions of these pages are meant mainly for onscreen viewing. They are scaled down in size and resolution to facilitate transfer. GIF files average approximately 45-60K each. If you wish to save GIFs, please use your web browser.

The TIFF files are available for downloading at this site. Files are arranged in directories which closely mirror the structure of this document. There are separate directories for Mexican and Argentine documents and subdirectories for each president. TIF F files are in a subdirectory by year. Files are named according to year, for example 830004.tif is a 1983 speech, the fourth in the sequence of files. Files which mark the beginning of a speech or indexed material end in the letter "d," for examp le 830005d.tif. Reports of Mexican material can be found in numbered subdirecties, /1 for Primero Informe, /2 for Segundo Informe, etc. Links are provided at the bottom of each page to download the TIFF files for the scanned page shown.

Printing Files

The GIF files displayed here are intended mainly for onscreen viewing. If you wish to print the material or to view the page with greater clarity, you should download the TIFF. To view TIFF files, you need a viewer or software program which supports Group IV compressed TIFFs.
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