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Complete List of IADB Documents in LAOAP

1.  Microfinance of Housing: A Key to Housing the Low or Moderate-income Majority? Ferguson, Bruce W.; SDS/MSM

2.  An Econometric Cost-Benefit Analysis of Argentina's Youth Training Program Bravo D.; Cossa, R.; Elias, V.; Ruiz Nuñez, F.

3.  Changing Patterns in the Supply of Labor Lora, Eduardo Antonio

4.  LAC Financial Outlook, Happy Days Are Here Again? Calvo, Guillermo

5.  The Effects of Structural Reforms on Employment and Wages Lora, Eduardo Antonio

6.  Promoo de Consenso Politico: Conferncia de Brasilia para a Implementao dos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento do Milnio-verso reduzida Cazuac, George; Filonov, Ana

7.  Good Jobs Wanted: Labor Markets in Latin America - References Calvo, Guillermo; Pages-Serra, Carmen and others

8.  Los paises pequeños: su rol en los procesos de integracion Bizzozero, Lincoln; Abreu, Sergio; Mateo, Fernando, ed.

9.  Social Development: Strategy Document Inter-American Development Bank

10.  Part II - Financial Market Development to Promote Business Growth Galindo, Arturo Jose

11.  Fostering Infrastructure Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

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