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Trusted Internet portal for Latin American Studies content since 1992

Awards & Reviews

The Latin American Network Information Center is the official registration site for Latin American Studies at the W3 Consortium's Virtual Library. Since releasing our first information service on the Internet in 1992, LANIC has won numerous awards. Check out this sample:

GEsource GEsource
"Your website has been included in the GEsource Geography and Environment Gateway...Led by the GEsource team at the University of Manchester, GEsource is a free online catalogue of high quality Internet resources in geography and environmental science. Resources are selected, catalogued and indexed by researchers and other specialists in their respective fields."
March 2004
Approved by Schoolzone's team of independent education 
reviewers Schoolzone 5 Star Award.
"Schoolzone hand picks items for its collection of 40,000+ education sites and each is reviewed by relevant subject specialists from our panel of over 400 teachers...Sites which qualify for a five star award have an extensive range of free, differentiated material which is directly relevant to the UK national curriculum in a visually appealing format and which is easy to navigate."
November 2003
SOSIG A Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG Best of the Web for Social Science site.
"SOSIG is a freely available Internet service which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. It is part of the UK Resource Discovery Network (RDN)."
October 2003
Merlot "Congratulations! One of our members has posted a link to your [LANIC] webiste on Merlot as a distinguished, high-quality source of learning material. The MERLOT project is an online community of faculty who are collaborating to increase the quantity of high quality web-based, interactive teaching and learning materials.
January 2002
Forbes 'Best of the Web' A Best of the Web site for Latin American Markets.
"The University of Texas at Austin's Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) has put together this first-rate directory of sites covering Latin America. From business and economy to electronic commerce, links are plentiful, regularly updated and accurate. Find information in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Links to local business publications like Peru's Energia y Minas, stock exchanges and regional investment promotion boards."
December 2001
Free Pint A "My Favourite Tipples" recommended site at Free Pint
"Absolutely essential Latin America portal. Produced by academics, so it has links to serious useful stuff, not holiday brochures."
June 2000
Institute for 
Scientific Information Institute for Scientific Information
"You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this reason, ISI has selected your site for inclusion in Current Web Contents, a new section of Current Contents Connect. ISI editors-following carefully structured evaluation criteria-have visited your site, reviewed it, developed a standardized descriptive record, written an abstract and created a link from CC Connect to your site."
March 2000
Latin Trade 
Magazine Latin Trade Magazine March 2000
Best of the Web in the Portals/Search Engines category
"Nice, clean layout, with information broken down by regions and a smooth ride to get the info you're looking for--what's not to like here?"
March 2000
The Scout Report The Scout Report October 29, 1999
"The Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas has added a new feature [the LANIC Electoral Observatory] to provide users with quick reference guides to online resources for each of the thirteen presidential or legislative elections in Latin American and Caribbean countries between this month and the end of 2000..."
October 1999
Premio Premio a la excelencia
LANIC, su nombre escrito con letras mayúsculas, será como le admiraremos siempre, puesto que sus esfuerzos por aunar un VERDADERO centro de recursos para el estudio de la plurivalente América Latina representa uno de los mayores logros del potencial en las nuevas tecnologías.
June 1999
USA TODAY AWARD USA Today Tech Hot Site Award
"More evidence of how the Web has the power to draw people of diverse cultures closer together: The Latin American Network Information Center. Brought to us from the University of Texas, its current focus shows us how Hurricane Mitch has devastated Central America."
November 1998
Links2Go Award Links2Go Key Resource Award
"Congratulations! Your Institute of Latin American Studies page has been selected to receive a Links2Go Key Resource award in the American Studies topic!"
November 1998
Anthro TECH Site of the Week Anthro TECH Site of the Week
"Congratulations! Anthro TECH and The WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology is pleased to announce that your site or page has been added to our Sites of the Week."
October 1998
Snap Editors' Choice Snap Editors' Choice
"Congratulations! The LANIC Languages in Latin America page has been awarded a Snap Editors' Choice designation in recognition of its excellence in design, content and editorial presentation."
October 1998
Political Site of the Day Political Site of the Day
"We appreciated your site, and wanted to share it with our audience. We're Political Site of the Day, and your site was awarded that designation today."
April 1998
Scout Report Selection Scout Report Selection
"LANIC's Castro Speech Database has been chosen as a selection for the Scout Report (01/22/98), the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts. Care is taken in the selection of items included in the Scout Report. Basic criteria include depth of content, author, information maintenance, and presentation. The content of each resource is briefly described."
January 1998
Edsitement An EDSITEment "Top Humanities Websites" Winner
"One of the most important goals for the millennium is to give every child in America access to the universe of knowledge and ideas by connecting every school and library in our country to the Internet by the year 2000. Working together with business leaders, we've made solid progress. And as we work to connect our schools and libraries we must make sure that once our children can log on to the Internet they don't get lost there.
"So today I'm pleased to announce that on the 27th of October the National Endowment for the Humanities, in partnership with MCI and the Council of Great City Schools, will throw the switch on a new educational website called EDSITEment. This exciting new tool will help teachers, students, and their parents to navigate among the thousands of educational websites, and there are literally thousands of them now. Most importantly, it will expand our children's horizons and instill in them an early appreciation of the culture and values that will be with them throughout their lives."
President Bill Clinton, September 1997
Condor Award El Planeta Platica's Condor Award
"By far, the best - and most consistent - academic sourcebook to Latin America."
July 1997
123 Premio 1 2 3
"Mundo Latino ha selecionado sus excelentes páginas en Internet para incluirlas en nuestro buscador selectivo 123."
July 1997
Starting Point A Starting Point Featured New Site
May 1997
Global Investor Global Investor
"Your site has been judged one of the world's important financial web sites."
April 1997
NetGuide Gold 
Site A NetGuide Gold Site "This Internet search tool has been called a "Latin American Yahoo," which you can use to travel to Latin American service providers. The depth of information is handy for those researching Latin America."
January 1997
LookSmart LookSmart Editor's Choice
January 1997
Home PC HomePC
A Top 500 Web Site
January 1997
Fledge Approved Fledge Approved
"Your site has survived our stringent review process and been added to Fledge's kid-appropriate database - passed with flying colors, in fact!"
December 1996
Polyconomics Polyconomics
"The international analysts at Polyconomics have found your site exceptionally well-designed, informative, and comprehensive."
June 1996
Magellan Magellan Internet Guide
"Congratulations! Your site has been selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a "4-Star" site, the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan."
January 1996
Argus Clearinghouse Argus Clearinghouse Approved
January 1996
Point 5% Site A Lycos 5% Site
"LANIC looks like -- and has the resources of -- a Latin American Yahoo!. A great site."
November 1995
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