Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution

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The uprising in Chiapas is not over. We had to stop collecting information at an arbitrary point in time to get this book to the printer, and already (before it has gone to press) there has been a lot of new information.  Below are several useful sources of information about the Zapatistas, as well as some contacts for solidarity work.

The Diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas

The Diocese of San Cristóbal has been acting as a center for information about the Zapatistas, especially during the Dialogue for Peace and Reconcilliation. They are also a good way to send support to the Zapatistas.

Diocese de San Cristóbal de las Casas
Calle 5 de Febrero, Colonia Centro
29200 San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico
Tel: 011-52-967-80053
Fax: 011-52-967-83138

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

IATP produces the Chiapas Digest, which has given timely and useful information about the uprising. IATP is an organization that seeks to understand and educate the public on links among community development, the environment, and international trade policy.  The digest is available via email through Hannah Holm: or you can write them at:

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
1313 Fifth St. SE #303
Minneapolis, MN  55414
Tel: (612) 379-5980
Fax: (612) 379-5982

Equipo Pueblo

This organization works closely with popular movements and civilian coalitions in the promotion of democracy, the defense of human rights, and the advancement of economic justice.  You can subscribe to their news bulletin, La Otra Cara de Mexico, available for US$10 in Latin America and US$15 in North America and Europe.  Individuals in this organization have also been an ongoing source for primary materials concerning the Zapatistas.

Equipo Pueblo
Apartado Postal 27-467
06760 Me'xico D.F. Me'xico
Tel: 011-525-539-0015
Fax: 011-525-627-7453

Love and Rage

This is a revolutionary anarchist newspaper that has had consistent, thoughtful coverage of the Zapatistas from an anarchist perspective. The same federation also publishes Amor y Rabia in Mexico City.

Love and Rage
PO Box 853
New York, NY  10009
(718) 834-9077

Weekly News Update on the Americas

Nicaragua Solidarity Network
The Weekly News Update has been one of the best ongoing sources for news of the situation in Chiapas.  It is available directly through Nicanet or, for email users, is regularly posted to the ACTIV-L list (see below), and is archived by New York Transfer News Collective Online Library. You can reach NYT at
Nicaragua Solidarity Network
339 Lafayette St.  New York, NY 10012
(212) 674-9499

Resource Center of the Americas

A US-based group that works to connect people throughout the Americas. They are monitoring the situation in Chiapas, and are a good source of information.

Resource Center of the Americas
317 17th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Tel: (612) 627-9445
Fax: (612) 627-9450


As suggested in the Introduction, one of the fastest ways to keep up with what is happening in Chiapas is through the use of computer communications. The following is a brief description of some sources of information and discussion available in cyberspace.
We realize that not everyone has easy access to email, and thus to cyberspace. If you don't have email, you can try getting access through universities and some libraries. There are also cheap, private email suppliers in many cities.

ANTHAP Archives (Internet)

The Applied Anthropology Computer Network has an ftp/gopher site that includes an archive of "Chiapas-Zapatista News" in its home computer at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.  This archive contains all kinds of materials downloaded from just about everywhere.  The archive contains a great deal of material from January-March 1994. Very little has been added since.  "Chiapas-Zapatista News" can be accessed via gopher to Michigan/Oakland University/Applied Anthropology Computer Network/Chiapas_news.  The archive can also be accessed via ftp (anonymous login, then cd pub/anthap/ls).  This material can also be accessed through UT-LANIC (see below) at gopher  /Latin America/Mexico/Chiapas-Zapatista News.

CHIAPAS-L and MEXICO94 (Internet)

The Chiapas Discussion List was created in the wake of the uprising. The Mexican Elections List was created later to focus on the August 1994 elections. They are maintained by PROFMEXIS at CETEI-UNAM (Center of Technology and Information at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Centro de Tecnologia e Informatica at UNAM). Both have archives (Correspondencia) that can be accessed via gopher  Subscribe by sending the command "subscribe chiapas-l (or Mexico94-l) your_name" to (leave "SUBJECT:" line empty).

NATIVE-L and NATCHAT (Internet)

These two "lists"--Aboriginal Peoples: News and Information List and Aboriginal Peoples: Discussion List--are part of the NATIVENET series of lists and contain information and discussion (respectively) of struggle among a wide variety of Indigenous peoples.  The NATIVE-L archives are maintained at Texas A&M University (listserv@tamvm1.bitnet).  Subscribe by sending the command "subscribe native-l (or natchat) your_name" to  (leave "SUBJECT:" line empty).

CENTAM-L (Internet)

The Central American Discussion List covers the other countries of Central America as well as Chiapas, especially struggles in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Subscribe by sending the command "subscribe centam-l yourname" to  (leave "SUBJECT:" line empty)

MEXICO-L (Internet)

The Mexico Discussion List covers anything and everything about Mexico besides Chiapas, cultural as well as political.  Originating in Mexico, much of the discussion (but not all) is in Spanish.  Subscribe by sending the command "subscribe mexico-l yourname" to  (leave "SUBJECT:" line empty)

ACTIV-L (Internet)

The Activist Mailing List regularly posts news stories/analyses on the Zapatistas.  They also post stories on a vast array of other activist issues, but you can subscribe to a once-a-day index of articles that only gives you a listing of stories available, and then order the ones on Chiapas that you want.  Subscribe by sending the command "subscribe activ-l" to  (leave "SUBJECT:" line empty).  To get only the daily list, send the command "set activ-l index" to the same address.  Activ-l's discussion group is on USENET, and has the name "", which also includes the articles.


There are several "conferences" (discussion groups) on Peacenet that have contained a large amount of information about the situation in Chiapas, including,, and especially gen.nativenet and reg.mexico.


The Mexican Academy for Human Rights (Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, AC) has issued irregular but very detailed "Special Bulletins, Chiapas Conflict" in both Spanish and English. They contain day-by-day chronologies as well as other kinds of information--including e-mail addresses to other human rights organizations active in Chiapas.  You can get on their mailing list and obtain previous bulletins by posting to:  The bulletins have also been placed in reg.mexico (PEACENET) and show up in the ANTHAP Archives.


Published by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) in Minneapolis, the MONITOR is the result of the merger of the Inter-American Trade Monitor and the NAFTA Monitor.  A weekly bulletin, the MONITOR contains news briefs and information on resources and events in the struggle against "free trade."  The MONITOR has carried both news of the Chiapas uprising and other information on NAFTA--which the Zapatistas have called a "death sentence" to Indigenous peoples and campesinos.  The MONITOR is posted on ACTIV-L and on PEACENET (  The IATP produces a number of other trade-related bulletins on PEACENET and ECONET, including and trade.library.  Direct subscriptions to any of these can be obtained from the IATP at


The Latin American Data Base at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque issued a series of special reports called CHIAPAS NEWS, and continues to produce a number of regular electronic publications that often contain information about Chiapas and the Zapatistas, i.e., NotiSur, SourceMex, Chronicle of Latin American Economic Affairs, and Central America Update. Information about subscriptions to LADB can be obtained from  Subscriptions can also be obtained from places with site licenses, such as


These are two discussion groups (among thousands) distributed to computer sites all over the world.  Each computer site accumulates the articles and distributes them to its own users.  Exactly how you access Usenet groups depends on your local setup. If you are modem-connected to a mainframe with a personal computer, access is facilitated with client software such as Nuntius (Mac) or Trumpet (DOS).


The University of Texas at Austin-Latin American Network Information Center provides access to a wide variety of academic databases and information services around the world. Besides the sources mentioned above, it includes access to over 200 databases and over 200 libraries (including the UT Benson Latin American Collection, the "largest repository of Latin American materials with an electronic catalog accessible via Internet." UT-LANIC can be reached via gopher (or telnet)  Questions can be addressed to

The Web

The Web is another cyberspace location (a site for information exchange). There has been a lot of information about the EZLN and Chiapas on the Web.