This is the full text of the book:

Documents of the New Mexican Revolution

The book is published by Autonomedia and is available through major distributors such as Inland. (You are urged to get a copy of the book, not just because purchasing it will create some money to send to the Indigenous communities of southern Mexico, but also because there are a bunch of excellent photographs in the book, including a photo essay by Joshua Schwartz).

!Zapatistas! contains the full, English language text of every communique published (along with several that were not published, as well as many interviews, letters, and essays) from the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) from December 31, 1993 through June 12, 1994.

!Zapatistas! was produced by an all volunteer Editorial Collective, and many of the translations were "farmed out" to volunteers all over the internet.  This book (and much of the publicity about the EZLN would not have been possible without the growing community of politically-minded people on the internet.

For any further information, (especially if there are people who did volunteer translation and want a free copy of the book--I have lost my old account and can no longer access your addresses) please contact either

Todd Prane at (please put the word "todd" or the word "zapatista" (or both!) in the subject line for a quicker response)


Matt Miscreant at

for any further information about the Editorial Collective or the book.

En Solidaridad con la Revolución Zapatista, todd prane, for the editorial collective