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Complete List of TPLA Documents in LAOAP

1.  Elite settlements Burton, Michael G.; Higley, John

2.  Domestic Politics and Foreign Investment: British Development of Mexican Petroleum Brown, Jonathan C.

3.  The Dilemma of Food Security in a Revolutionary Context: Nicaragua, 1979 - 1986 Frenkel, Maria Veronica

4.  The Outlook for the Mexican Economy Urquidi, Victor L.

5.  Mexican Speech Play: History and the Psychological Discourses of Power Limón, José Eduardo

6.  Rent Seeking, Rent Avoidance, and Informality: An Analysis of Third World Urban Housing Dietz, Henry A.

7.  Literature of the Sao Paulo Week of Modern Art Jackson, David K.

8.  ntermittent Use and Agricultural Change on Marginal Lands: The Case of Smallholders in Eastern Sonora, Mexico Doolittle, William Emery

9.  The Nicaraguan Experiment: Characteristics of a New Economic Model Conroy, Michael E.; Pastor, Manuel

10.  The Masses and the Critical Mass: A Strategic Choice Model of the Transition to Democracy in Brazil Power, Timothy Joseph

11.  The Place of Social Democracy in the Argentine Political System Di Tella, Torcuato S.

12.  Linguistic and Cultural Geography of Contemporary Peru Knapp, Gregory W.

13.  Decline and Fall of the Spanish Merchants at Buenos Aires: Marcó del Pont in the Age of Independence Brown, Jonathan C.

14.  The Political Formula of Costa Rica Dabène, Olivier

15.  Interpreting the Mexican Revolution Knight, Alan

16.  Democratic Transitions and Democratic Breakdowns: The Elite Variable Burton, Michael G.; Higley, John

17.  The Mexican Oil Expropriation and the Ensuing Propaganda War Huesca, Robert

18.  Nicaragua: The Economic Dilemmas of Peace and Democracy in 1988 Conroy, Michael E.

19.  Ethnic Images and Strategies in 1944 Adams, Richard N.

20.  Sails in Aboriginal Mesoamerica: Reevaluating Thompson's Argument Epstein, Jeremiah F.

21.  Ethnic Emergence and Expansion in Central America Adams, Richard N.

22.  Spanish American Creole Society in Cuba (1750-1840) and the Rise of American Nationalism Knight, Franklin W.

23.  Strategies of Ethnic Survival in Central America Adams, Richard N.

24.  Algunos puntos de vista sobre la tendencia fundamental de las relaciones Soviético-Latinoamericanas en la decada de los noventa Wang, Yü-lin

25.  Nahuatl Holdings of the Benson Latin American Collection of the University of Texas at Austin Schwaller, John Frederick

26.  The Reproduction of State Terrorism in Central America Adams, Richard N.

27.  International Organizations, Health, and Nation Building in Nicaragua Donahue, John M.

28.  Internal and External Ethnicities: With Special Reference to Central America Adams, Richard N.

29.  Rereading Brazilian Modernism Johnson, Randal

30.  The Global Assembly Industry Wilson, Patricia A.

31.  Past Meets Future: Texas and Latin America in the 21st Century Conroy, Michael E.

32.  Democratizing Brazil's State Enterprises Case, William

33.  The New Elite Paradigm: A Critical Assessment Cammack, Paul

34.  After the Conquest: The Survival of Indigenous Patterns of Life and Belief Karttunen, Frances

35.  The Mexican Proposal for a Continent- Wide Debt Moratorium: Lessons from the 1930s, Contrasts with the 1980s King, Robin A.

36.  The Ancient Maya Craft Community at Colha, Belize, and Its External Relationships Hester, Tomas R.; Shafer, Harry J.

37.  Urbanization, Migration, and Development Roberts, Bryan

38.  Potential Ethnic Territories: Mapping Linguistic Data from Modern Andean Censuses Knapp, Gregory W.

39.  Peasant Participation and Mobilization during Economic Crisis: The Case of Costa Rica Vunderlink, Gregg L.

40.  Labor and State in the Mexican Oil Expropriation Brown, Jonathan C.

41.  The United Fruit Company in Central America: A Bargaining Power Analysis Orozco, Constance

42.  The Decline of Neocardenismo, 1988-92 Russell, Philip

43.  The State and the Private Sector in Latin America: Reflections on the Past, the Present, and the Future Baer, Werner; Edwards, Jack K.

44.  A Review of Chilean Privatization Experiences Meller, Patricio

45.  The Experience of the Guatemalan United Fruit Company Workers: Why Did They Fail? Batres, Alejandra

46.  Charismatic Leadership and the Transition to Democracy: The Rise of Carlos Saul Menem in Argentine Politics Arias, Maria Fernanda

47.  The Colha Preceramic Project: A Status Report Hester, Tomas R.,

48.  La prensa latinoamericana en Internet: una instantánea de los primeros años Morfín, Jaime

49.  The Gaos-Nicol Polemic of 1950: An Argument on Ortega and Post-revolutionary Epistemology in Mexico Corey, Matthew

50.  Market Opportunities for Pay Television Services in Chile: A Strategic Assessment Wells, David

51.  After Paula: An Interview with Isabel Allende Rodden, John

52.  Políticas y gobierno de la educación superior en América Latina Cassanova Cardiel, Hugo

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