Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program in Mexico and Colombia, 2012
Colombia and Mexico: Exploring Culture and Society beyond the Headlines

The following curriculum units were developed by educators who participated in a month-long seminar in Mexico and Colombia. Target subjects and grade levels vary; please contact LLILAS Public Engagement if you have questions regarding how to best use these resources in your classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in Adobe PDF format.

Emily Affolter

La diáspora latina: Investigando y celebrando su impacto en los Estados Unidos / The Latino Diaspora: Exploring and Celebrating Its Significance in the United States (Spanish Language and Culture; Grades 5-6)

Marcus Artigliere

Ancient Civilizations of Mexico: Cultural Heritage from Past to Present (ESL, Social Studies; Grade 6)

Joan Boyle

Studying Indigenous People in Mexico: A Comparative Approach to the Zapotecs and a Select Native American Indian Tribe (Integrated Social Studies, Traditional Literature, Art, and Writing; Grade 3)

Deborah Edmonds

Working for a Living in Mexico and Beyond / Economics and Power among the Aztecs and Other Pre-Hispanics, in Company Towns, and Today (Economics, History, Math; Grades 3-5 Enrichment, 6-7 Regular)

Shirley Jou

The Art of Language: Exploring Mexican Food, Handicrafts, and People through Systematic ELD (English Language Arts; Grades K-1)

Jessica Kamphaus

From Seed to Table: Mexican and Colombian Cultural Understanding through Food (Science, Art, Literature; Grades 3-4)

Sharon Look

Ho'okahi Ao, Ho'okahi 'Ohana / Un Mundo, Una Familia / One World, One Family (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science; Grades 4-5)

Alicia Marcinkowski

Little Things Make a Big Difference - Infusing Mexican and Colombian Culture into the Classroom through Literacy and the Arts (English Language Arts, the Arts, English as a Second Language; Grade 5)

Michelle Menard

We Are Where We Live (English and Language Arts; Grades 6-8)

Cathleen Rosen

The People and Gold of Pre-Hispanic Colombia (Social Science, English Language Arts, Multimedia/Technology; Grades 6-7)

Sarah Rosman

El Horno Mágico: Step inside the Magic Oven and Prepare for an Incredible Adventure through the Rich Cultures of Mexico and Colombia (Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Music, Writing; Grades 1-2)

Daniel Schorr

The Diversity of Mexican and Colombian Culture as Expressed through Music and Dance (Social Studies and Music; Grades 4-6)

Erin Shepherd

Discovering Diverse Mexico: A Culture Box Adventure (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Art; Grade 3)

Courtne Thomas

Latin Links: A Journey through Mexico and Colombia (English Language Arts; Grades 6-7)

Jennifer Turner

Mexico and Me: A Journey through Art and Literature (Reading/Language Arts, Art; Grade 5)